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About Us

This site is dedicated to outlining new products under development to be released as part of the P&D Marsh N-Gauge/Scale Materials Handling Range.

The projects in progress are primarily railway related from the 1960’s to the current day providing the surrounding environment in railway goods yards, container parks, recycling plants and other associated industries where materials handling takes place.

The model designs taking place are for those who like an element of actual modelling being in kit form as apposed to buy-n-place, requiring assembly and paint. However pre-assembly and painted model can be provided on request but these would be at a premium price covering labour and materials.

Design & Manufacturing takes place in the UK. Basic materials are white material casting with some parts cleverly adapted to incorporate the use of plastic sections where it would be difficult to produce suitable items as castings. Other materials, like wire and etched parts, are sometimes included. It should also be remembered our manufacturing process is low-volume with costs very much related to the weight of the metal used and the casting process. Tooling although relatively cheap, needs renewing in relation to total volumes produced. All this makes it very difficult to compete with the prices of mass produced batched products, however our products are competitively priced and unlike many products we see released you should not experience non-availability of products once P&D Marsh have released them as we have the ability to virtually produce to order.

Designed & Manufactured in the UK

All products go through a design and development phase with a pre-production batch run to prove kit assembly consistency before release. Under PRODUCTS we link to the P&D Marsh website where you can purchase the models directly.

NEWS include special events and exhibitions P&D Marsh may be attending where new products are being released and where you can meet with Paul and possibly Alan.